POINT Blank™ Rod Blanks are the culmination of almost three years of research and development aimed at providing custom rod builders with a selection of rod blanks that are unlike anything currently available. While POINT Blank™ does utilize the very best existing materials including both Toray® and Mitsubishi® carbon fibers, we honestly believe the way we have approached the use of those materials puts POINT Blank™ in a category of it’s own.


Beyond design, a rod blank can only be as good as the people who make it and “Part 2” of our search resulted in a unique partnership with a globally branded fishing rod manufacturer who until now has not offered their expertise beyond their own brand. Our rod blanks are the only blank being made outside the finished rods now being offered by this facility and our original concept has only gotten better as a result of the input provided by the factory’s 20-man research and development team.


Your decision to build on a POINT Blank™ will put you, too, in a class by yourself. And your customers will appreciate your efforts to build them a fishing rod unlike any available on the commercial market. So go ahead, browse our site and learn why we say you can hit every expectation dead center…with POINT Blank™.