Blanks Have Personality

Do you have a favorite rod? Of course you do, everybody has a top choice. Sometimes, things just come together perfectly. For similar reasons, we wanted to discover the personality of POINT Blanks. As far as we could tell that kind of intimacy required quality time spent with each and every blank. You can’t do that with 150 blanks. But you can get to know twenty blanks personally…and work from there.

A Small Overqualified Team.

The way we saw it, there were three key points-of-view in analyzing the blanks. Guides, who pound equipment every day; Pros, who are looking for an edge (in distance, weight, sensitivity etc.); and Builders, who really understood the dynamics of what was going on in the blank. The team was small, but the list of credentials was long.

Getting Personal

We built every blank, we fished every blank, we got to know every blank before we made any recommendation about what it might be best suited to do. Still, you might not agree in every case. After all, fishing is a very personal endeavor. So when you read about a POINT Blank, or review the specs please remember – it’s a blank we built. A blank we fished. A blank we know.