Approaching longer casting characterisitics but still manageable in tight places, the 6 ft 9 inch POINT Blank series is a menacing combination of touch and power. The MLXF is more powerful than the 6’6” version and adds smaller jerk and twitch baits, small to medium plastics and topwaters and 3/8oz saltwater grubs to the menu. “Perfect for dropping straight down with a drop shot. Also, casting very light swim baits and bed rigs…anything with an exposed hook.” – Kyle Welcher, BASS ELITE Pro Angler     Hard specs



This is the first blank in the series to hit the 400gr power mark and while it bumps the fish fighting equation upward, it is still able to handle the task of casting lighter lures and line thanks to the XF tip rating. Add spinnerbaits to the list of lure choices and most topwaters including mid-sized walking baits. Great for any saltwater grub situation short of bull reds. And, it’ll skip a Fluke out of sight under a mangrove. Look out snook. “This rod has the perfect amount of tip for accurately casting treble hook baits around tight cover such as: Pop R’s and prop baits. Also doubles as an amazing jerkbait blank, because it loads very well, but has a faster tip to implement a very clean and erratic jerk.” – Kyle Welcher, BASS ELITE Pro Angler   Hard specs



POINT Blank power is very easy to feel and in higher power blanks we don’t recommend going below the lowest lure weight rating to avoid the blank feeling “stiff”. That said, the MH rating on the 691MHF puts 1/2oz lures right in the wheelhouse of this blank. It’s good in cover with Texas rigged worms and is exceptional when Carolina rigged. Add spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, frogs, big walkers and prop baits as well. Upper slot reds…absolutely. “This is the blank for making super-accurate casts for baits that still require some power. Skipping jigs under docks, casting Shakey Heads and small Texas Rigs.” – Kyle Welcher, BASS ELITE Pro Angler    Hard specs


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