Hard to say enough good things about this blank. It’s feather light, casts exceptionally well thanks to some kind of voo-doo magic beween the tip action and mid-section and handles the recommended lure weight range perfectly. Forced to pick a single blank for anything and everything (no, not U-Rigs or swimbaits), this would be it. The “wheelhouse” for the 701LF is right smack at the 1/4oz point although a 1/4oz jig head plus the weight of a grub might even be better. Light jigs, small plastics, unweighted live baits, balsa lures, tiny cranks. Gimme some. Hard specs



What can you say about the LF with an extra 60 grams of power? It’s the LF + BEEF. We upped the lower lure rating and kept the top the same but it beautifully handles a little more when needed and has the power for a better grade of fish. If you’re in a situation where the occasional “good one” crushes your topwater…you might want this blank in your hand instead of the 701LF. Jerk and twitch baits, dropshot, grubs, small crankbaits to 6ft, lipped minnows. “When I need to make a longer cast with a drop shot, wacky rig, or even a light Shakey Head this is my go-to rod. It handles light line and light baits perfectly while allowing me to move fish away from cover and docks with ease.” – Kyle Welcher, BASS ELITE Pro Angler    Hard specs



With a 460 power rating and a fast tip action the spinning and casting opportunities with the 701MF are mind-blowing. Easily cast a 1/4oz jig or enjoy zipping a 1/2oz Skitterwalk® to unheard-of distances. On the bottom, you’ll enjoy sensitivity that telegraphs gravel, shell or mud and on the top, you can walk that dog effortlessly for hours with no fatigue. Light Texas or Carolina rigged plastics, speckled sea trout grubs, topwaters, spinnerbaits. “This rod is the go-to if you are launching big Pop R’s or a Sammy. Has the tip to absolutely launch it out of sight, but has enough forgiveness to use treble hooks.” – Kyle Welcher, BASS ELITE Pro Angler Hard specs



This Medium Heavy blank weighs in at under 2oz with a power rating of 525. With a fast tip section it’s the perfect combination of precision presentation and lip-rippin’ power for bass, upper-slot redfish, blues, snook and any other fish that makes the mistake of hitting lures from 1/4 to 3/4oz. A great cover rod for soft plastic, spinnerbaits and frogs, bigger walking baits and large spoons. “The ROD for all of bass fishing! You can do everything from buzzbaits, jigs, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, Texas Rigs, Shakey Heads. This is the perfect balance of handling light baits and heavy baits, literally the sweet spot for bass fishing.” Kyle Welcher, BASS ELITE Pro Angler    Hard specs


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