6’6” rods still rate number one for most pro anglers and the light, fast action of this POINT Blank is as versatile as they come. Perfect for 6 to 10lb mono or fluoro or 10-15lb braid, the 661LF is rated for 1/32oz to 1/4oz but can handle 3/8oz easily. Try Balsa baits; small, shallow running crankbaits; unweighted worms and small jigs for freshwater. In the salt, 661LF is a fun choice for school-sized speckled trout hitting light-weight grubs or “rat” reds. Hard specs



Blanks hovering around the 350 gram power rating are a lot of fun because they generally cast light weights but have the power to fight big fish when the pressure is on. 661MLF is such a blank. With lure weights from 1/32oz to 3/8oz a world of smaller offerings is availble including drop shot and shaky head worm presentations but this blank has the power to turn bigger fish. The F tip makes it cast like a light action but the hefty butt of all POINT Blanks is standing by when you need it. Hard specs



By increasing the “low” end weight range of this blank (from 1/32oz on the MLF to 1/4oz on this model) we opened up a new category of lures including Pop “R” topwaters, chuggers and Tiny Torpedoes, shaky heads and larger worms. And we provided an accurate grub rod for close-in work on slot reds and trout – even the big ones. Hard specs


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