To be perfectly honest, the image of the POINT Blank above is not exactly accurate. It’s pretty close, but more of a graphic representation of what’s going on inside. Besides, we’ve spent three years working with some really smart people to accomplish things that you can’t find in other blanks and we’re not ready to “share” just yet.


POINT Blank uses no carbon scrim (or any scrim for that matter), Instead, we encouraged the team to take “helical bias” to the next level…and they did. Without giving away the farm, we found that you don’t always have to put it where it’s been, or use it in a standard configuration, or follow the plus / minus rules that seem to be accepted in premium blank design circles. We discovered that a snip here and a tweak there could save weight without sacrificing strength, that we could speed-up recovery with almost no increase in stiffness, that we could better control bend characteristics. We took a static system and made it dynamic. Dynamic Filament Bias.